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With decades of experience in data solutions and business intelligence, we offer a broad range of services to join you where you are at in your data journey and help you get to the next level.


Tableau and Power BI allow for representation of information and data in a graphical format - such as charts, graphs, and maps - providing an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. 

With more than 20 years of experience in developing data visualization tools, we will work with your existing or newly-made data stores to develop novel, insightful visualizations in the platform of your choice.


Business Intelligence is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data (past and present) into meaningful and useful information for Business Analysis. 

With our expertise in data mining, reporting, and analytical processing we will comb through the large amounts of data you already collect and help you identify effective business strategies to increase your organization's efficiency and maximize your profits. 


Very often businesses are inundated on a daily basis by large volumes of data, either structured or unstructured, that is difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods. 

At Synthelize, we help you build new data structures and pipelines to deal with the biggest data challenges, whether that involves creating a Data Warehouse to solve a specific set of problems, or a large size storage repository such as a Data Lake to increase analytic performance and native integration.


Data Governance is a framework or set of processes that is required to ensure that all information assets are managed in compliance with established quality and security standards throughout the enterprise.

Data Governance strategies involve a coordination of individuals (people), methods (processes), and innovation (technology), and act as a bridge between business and IT for decisions and initiatives, ultimately inferring into better organization of business operations.

We will ensure your data meets precise internal data standards enabling your business to control the availability, usability, integrity and security of your data, and develop formal management processes to govern your data throughout its lifecycle.


Organizations store data in many forms. 

However without data integration, there is no way of accessing the data gathered in one system into another. 

We will work with your team to develop and implement a data integration plan that through technical and business processes will combine data from different sources into a single, unified view, ultimately helping your business succeed. 


Data strategy refers to the tools, processes, and rules that define how to collect, store, manage, share and use data.


With our data strategy solutions will help you identify services, architectures, methods, usage patterns and procedures that will guide the many processes needed for acquiring, integrating, storing, securing, managing, monitoring, analyzing, and disseminating key data throughout your organization.


Cloud Data Migration is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming and moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud-based environment. 

We will help you identify the most appropriate cloud data platforms for your specific business needs, and move key data from either an on-premises data center or an already existing cloud infrastructure into a more scalable environment. 


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