Providing Data Services and Business Intelligence Solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes
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The name "Synthelize" is a combination of the words "synthesize" and "visualize", the two key processes used to extract meaning from data.


In your world, mountains of data exist in all sorts of different forms and places - spreadsheets and other data files, databases, locally hosted systems, cloud based solutions. 


Our first job is to synthesize that information - to bring it together by integrating data from various sources and combining it into new forms, like data warehouses, data lakes, cubes, and other structures.


Once we have done that, we can help you to visualize your data in new ways so that you can draw meaning from it.

Do you want to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why you should work with us for all your business data needs? 

Our Founder

Entrepreneur, Enterprise Software Developer and Data Architect

Toby Basalla

I have a long history of helping organizations solve business problems by using technology and data. My years as a software developer and data architect have shown me how easy, intuitive access to information can boost an organization's impact. My experience in founding and building a company have shown me how concrete business objectives must always stay in the front seat as the driver of technology initiatives.


I look forward to meeting with your organization, learning its unique challenges, and working to develop the business intelligence systems you need to thrive.

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Providing Data Services and Business Intelligence Solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes

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322 North Shore Drive
Building 1B,  Suite 200

Pittsburgh,  PA 15212

+1  (412)  230-8552

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